Jackie and her husband George have lived in Palmer / Wasilla area for the past 54 years and raised their family here. Although Jackie's primary efforts have been directed towards homemaker and child raising, she has also played an active roll in Georges business endeavors. 

       Throughout Jackie's childhood her mother made laundry soap for their family use and in time Jackie began to notice that the whites hanging on their clothes lines were whiter and brighter than those on other clotheslines in the neighborhood, which sparked her interest in soap making.

 Like her mother, Jackie began making handmade natural goat milk soap for herself and her family to use. At first it was only kind of a hobby, but after George retired from business and her friends began requesting her soap, she thought it might be fun to start selling it at local arts and crafts shows in the Mat-Su Valley.                     

      With the success she has experienced and the loyal customer base that has grown over the ensuing years, she has expanded her product line to include over a dozen individual products in addition to soap. With George's help, she has also expanded her sales activities to bazaars and vendor shows in Anchorage and Fairbanks as well as the Mat Su Valley and through the electronic medium, this web site and Facebook.